Saturday, December 05, 2015

On The Town

We took the train to meet up with girlfriends for a long awaited get-together.  Mike and I took
the train into the city.  The train was packed.  The girls compared notes later and realized that it was because of the One Of A Kind show was in town.

Mike managed to complete a whole scarf; I on the other hand

got maybe half of it done.  I am having a bit of sciatica flair up and am restless after awhile.

We met up at the Restoration Hardware Atrium for a ladies lunch.  It started a bit early because they
would not take reservations and we really wanted to eat there.

The beautiful atrium we ate it was a pleasure.  We mostly sat on couches stuffed with lovely pillows.

There was lots of hardware everywhere, understandably .  The foyer had three of these massive circular tube lighting fixtures.


We shared lovely dishes.  This is one of charred carrots, yogurt, brussels sprouts leaves, and pistachio pesto.

Roasted beets were served with kale, feta, and a toasted sesame vinaigrette.

These hand cut fries were served with garlic aioli.

Along with these we had the following without the benefit of photos (too busy with my peach bellini).

We had burrata with slow roasted tomatoes, and garlic bread, a bacon club sandwich and grilled cheese, cheddar, and truffle butter.

Then off to "One Of A Kind' show.


Robbie said...

Food posts are always the best!

Arleen said...

I agree with Robbie. Especially if it is food you have a prepared, Material Girl! However, I know your heart is with the quilts.


Gayle from MI said...

One day I would like to see that show. Looks like you had a great time for lunch.