Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Post Christmas

We arrived at our home in Florida safe and sound. That is not to say that there wasn't a lot of traffic, and accidents and ignorant drivers. I would say it was the worse drive since I can remember. I heard that because of the good economy and cheap gas that there would be record number of drivers out there but I didn't realize that all the stupid ones would be joining the throngs. That's okay. I am over it. I am just dealing with finding where everything is, what I brought that needs to be placed somewhere and what I forgot will have to be tended to. It's a process.

My mind is elsewhere but I got a call from a friend asking if anything was wrong because of no blog for a few days. I thought a little blurb would suffice for another day or two while I get my sea legs.

My darling daughter wanted a picture of our annual breakfast that we have on Christmas day, after those who go to church return, and the day after too.


No matter what we decide to have for Christmas day for dinner, we always have bbq'd ribs and fried rice.  They can be eaten anytime of day or night.  So having said that, this is Maggie's plate.  It consists of toast, two eggs, fried rice, hash browns and ham candy.  The ham candy is pieces of spiral cooked ham that is fried in butter until caramelized and a good alternative to, let's say, fudge.  Mimosa's hit the spot.

Bella got the worst haircut ever the week of Christmas.  She was called bubble head repeatedly.  I made an appointment on the ride down and so Bella's first day here was spent at the groomers, doing hair repair.  Poor thing; here she is acting like a diva and there isn't an ounce of diva in her!!!

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Robbie said...

Ditto on the driver. We arrived on Tuesday after lots of traffic and RAIN! Both days...dogs got lots of walks in the rain and so did I! I'm just putting away my art/sewing stuff...but had to stop to go for 99 cent margaritas with two other couples...but being the good mom I am I still took both dogs for a walk in the dark! HA I have two leash that light good. Can't wait to see Bella...mine both look like Kizzy!! They have been wet and dry for two days so they'll be getting a brush out sometime this weekend. I'm too busy going to dinner tomorrow and the next day a brunch at friends home for 16 of us! Enjoy Florida! I am!