Thursday, December 03, 2015

Showing Off

Very odd.  I was making myself a little tortilla sandwich in order to get down my vitamins without
any adverse stomach issues.  I was opening up the current pack of flour tortillas when I noticed this
little three word blurb in a circle.  It says 'Flex Before Opening'.  I thought that very odd but none the less I lifted up my right arm and did a couple bicep curls before opening the package.  It stayed with me
and I couldn't get flexing before opening out of my mind.  So, as I usually do, I asked Google
to explain.


Flex tortillas back and forth in a wave motion before opening the bag. This will prevent product sticking together.  Google to the rescue.  My only thought on this is that I think more explanation
is necessary on the package.  Oh, maybe if you aren't a moron like me, it is okay the way it is!

What a surprise it was for me yesterday when I opened the online monthly blast from SAQA.  My
name and more importantly my wall of 12" quilts on the first page.  Yikes!!  Too cool.

SAQA Member Tommy Fitzsimmons recently shared her beautiful collection of Benefit Auction quilts. Don't they look fabulous! Remember, we still have a great selection of quilts available in theSAQA Store for only $75. Add one (or more) to YOUR collection today!

We would love to see how YOU have your Auction Quilts on display! Please email with images that we can share on our website.

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Robbie said...

I can't stop laughing nor get the image of you doing bicep curls out of my head! So I'm going to go watch football now! hopefully, that will help with the laughter!! And image!!