Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Parting

Yesterday was a bit like separation anxiety. I had to take the girls, the Janome 6600


and the Husqvarna Diamond in the the sewing machine spa. Do you have any idea, that is, if you sew, what it is like to be stripped, even for one day, of your beloved girls. There aren't many days in the last forty years, when I am at home and haven't turned one of these babies on. Unfortunately, they both need a regeneration. The Husqvarna has a self cutter that only works half the time; not good. And Janome has some noise issues and the manual doesn't mention oiling the machine so if it needs that to be done, I need a professional masseuse to do it. I have no idea how long they will be gone. It's usually a day or two so I will have to fill my time doing something else. It's probably a good time of year to switch priorities for a bit. The quilters are coming this coming weekend so I hope to have them back by then.


In the mean time, G has been asking for more pecan cakes to go with him to work to share with the office staff.  So, to take my mind off the machines' departure, I busied myself in the kitchen.


Mechelle said...

This is why every quilter should own at least 6 sewing machines some new w/computers and some vintage! At least the vintage singers don't usually "break"....

Robbie said...

Pecan cakes look good! I'll have to check Tommy cooks!!