Monday, December 14, 2015

The Progress Report

Ah, the arrival of three out of four quilters at my house for the weekend.  This is not even the food that we all share making.  That is in the kitchen.  Yeah, these quilters do not travel light.

Bella is barely in the photograph and she is even shocked at the amount of stuff coming through the front door.  It's all necessary tho.

Here comes just a touch of what was accomplished over the weekend.

Anne made this quilt for her grand daughter to drag around when she comes for a visit.

The cat theme is fitting because Zoey calls her Grandma Kittie, due to having a couple kittens.

The backing fabric is very fun too.

Peggy has been working on this project of itty bitty nine patches for several years now.  The sections that are composed of nine pieces measures in at a whopping 1 1/2"!


Anne pieced this whole quilt top this past weekend.  The only thing that was done before arrival
was cutting it out.  Lovely.

This is one of three table runners Jean Ann is making (and due on Wednesday!) for her bridge friends.  It is intricitately free motion quilted.

She'll never be done in time!

Mike finished this beautiful table runner.  She quilted it my style, with a few changes to make it
her own.  She did a great job on it.  She even finished

the binding and started sewing a new quilt top together but not enough to go on the design wall.

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