Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Spirits (!) Of The Season!

I am on the road and about to go to bed but I thought I would check in with you and all the wonderful stuff you have been going in this holiday season. I can attest to the wonders of our holiday because I have had heart burn for three days. I keep that under my belt so my family and friends don't look at me and wonder why I am stuffing my face in the grips of adversity. Don't tell them; they will never know. I only have my iPhone as my Nikon is buried in the trunk so I will randomly (with my eyes closed) pick
photos off my phone.

First up?


My son, his wife and his two offspring with the  real SANTA!  Violet and Charlotte seem a little non plussed by the whole affair. If I am not mistaken, Violet who is 4 and taller than me, is picking her nose, and Charlotte 2 1/2 is on the cusp of picking her nose.  Sorry  but it's a family trait.  I got caught several times yesterday doing just that.

Okay, there was wine involved when I posed with Violet with her bow from Aunt Mikes gift.  I can't even legally show you the pics that followed!!!!


 This is our Christmas morning breakfast and the day after Christmas breakfast.  It consists of various breads toasted, ham cooked to candy, hash browns, eggs over easy and fried rice.  A family (except for me) favorite.  Oh, yeah, that is a mimosa on the right.  We love our breakfasts here.

This is the car on my seat as I leave to join the throngs of peeeeeeers, entering McDonalds, to use the normally ultra clean johns (not so much today).  I have multiple projects going and was getting dizzy weaving in and out of traffic (thank you G!).  It was the longest first day ever, clocking in at over 13 hours.  I did hear from someone that it was gonna be the most people on the road in the history of the WORLD and I can vouch for that.  Gas was cheap.

That's it for a day of two.  It usually takes a couple days to clear out the car.  Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and I will talk to you soon!!!!

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