Sunday, December 06, 2015

This Year's Christmas

I have finally got the word that California has received their pillows so that means that I can blog this years Christmas pillow. This is the 26th year I have been making around 30 pillows a year, all different and all date stamped.

Bella, as always is very helpful in the assembling and testing for fullness and comfort.

My sis Mike came up with the design, which is a half circle of two different fabrics that are
sewn together and ironed so they would look similar to a tree.  The year is on the tree trunk.

The cards were made the same, but with two sided print card stock.  They are embellished with diamonds (yes they are real).  I couldn't afford to put them on the pillows, knowing they would be cut off and taken to the local fence.  Oh, yeah, maybe I got the diamonds at Hobby Lobby.

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Robbie said...

Pillows are so cute but Bella is adorable!