Monday, December 21, 2015

Violet and the Hawks

Taking Violet with us to see the Blackhawks win, was perfect. If only we didn't have to get the car seat in and out for the two mile trip from her house to the United Center where both the Hawks and Bulls play. I really can't complain because I never do it, finding it hard to get my rear end in the car, much less a contraption with more bells and whistles on it than just about anything. And I hear this goes on until they are nine years old? Again, as us old fogies say, it's a miracle our kids survived the life before car seats!

A lot of eating was involved in the game. First it was tenders and fries. Then popcorn. Followed up with M & M's.


For some unknown reason Violet did not choose to wear her Blackhawk jersey.  She entertained the surrounding patrons by singing "Lets Go Sox' instead of 'Lets Go Hawks'.  I think we were the only ones that noticed.


Robbie said...

What a cute picture! You are looking good with your new hairdo!! I love it on you!!!! So cute!!!

Gayle from MI said...

I hear ya with the car sests. Lottie just has a booster now so she uses the lap belt for that. The car seat checkers said the bigger booster can't be anchored and to just use the little one. Trying to jocky around Jacobs rear facing seat in my tiny car is an episode in hell. I am quite certain if I had kids right now we would just stay home!
I love your hair!