Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Quilting Shower!

The girl across the street is new to quilting. She has done two things so far and since then has converted a guest room into her studio. In honor of Janie joining the ranks of quilting, I hosted a surprise 'Quilting' shower yesterday.


We took a bunch of selfies but I don't know how to get them from the text in my phone to my computer.  Janie  got lots of nice gifts to add to her new studio.


After the wine,  snacks and present opening, we had a lunch of a bean salad and chicken salad over lettuce.  It was gluten free because Janie is living a gluten free life.  Glad to have another quilter in the neighborhood!

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Robbie said...

How nice of you and what a cute idea! What was for dessert?? You left out the best part...oh wait...that must have been the wine being the best part!
p.s. if the pics were sent to you in a text msg, just click on the pic, once you click and see just the pic, you can save it to your gallery (should be an option at top of your screen). From there you can upload to your blog, email, where ever. Good luck!