Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Arm Chair Caddy

I finally decided to bite the bullet and make something that could ease the mess on my side table that I cram with stuff each night, depending on what I am working on. Someone in the Modern Guild showed one in show and tell and it gave me the idea of it. I did mine a little bit different.


I cut two ovals of fabric and one of batting and tacked them together.  I then made two double pockets, just a little bit wider than the ovals so I could have a tiny tuck it them for ease of removing items.  I bound the top of the pockets and tacked them onto the ovals.


I cut two pieces of fabric into a square for a pin cushion and sewed two strips of velcro on the outside bottom.  I put the other parts of the velcro in the center of the oval.  I stuffed the cushion and then added binding (2 1'4") around the whole outside.  I am very pleased with it's outcome.  Make yourself one!