Thursday, January 07, 2016


I was walking by one of my new orchids and was shocked to see that it started to bloom!

There was not a bud that even looked like it was gonna open yet two days later, here it is!!  I was rather startled that it happened so fast.

This was already bloomed but I couldn't resist the hairiness of it!  It is growing out of a rectangle of bark and hanging in the lanai.


So when I went to inspect the other unbloomed treasure, it too took off in lovely blooms.  Wow.

I will be attending 'Cause A Stir Kitchen Club' today with my fellow kitchen lovers.  Today we will be having a Pampered Chef meal and I will probably come home with something I didn't go with.  That's okay; it'll be tons of fun.

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Robbie said...

Love the orchids...I had a 10 year old beautiful large pot of orchids but lost it the first year we stayed in florida for the winter. Neighbor felt so bad it died...wasn't her fault...just too cold in the house...sniff, sniff