Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Claudia's Here!

My sister in law Claudia is here. She's been here since Saturday and will hang around until Friday of this week. She has been very helpful around here with my charity and fund raising activities. She is quite speedy and I can't keep up.  We don't spend all our time doing that.  We have managed to get some shopping in, eating out and just having a good time watching tv.


Here she us at work, sewing away.  Today we are traveling to Venice to see the sights and hopefully go to lunch at Sharkeys, one of my favorite bar food place.  We dare meeting up with Kathy and Linda.  It's still nippy here (high today of 64º) but I don't mind it at all.  I will take it in a nano second compared to 90º.

This is pretty funny.  G was looking to refill Bella's IAMS big bag as it's getting close to empty.  He couldn't find it anywhere and finally he asked someone at PetSmart and the guy said that it wasn't up to standards, and was pretty inferior as dog food goes.  We were shocked!!  When we had our old dog, Mazy, it was top of the line and we have never switched!! Wow!  What bad parents we feel like.  The guy told us what to get and to gradually add the new food with the old stuff.


This is how Bella handled the mix.  All the stuff on the tile (and those are 18" tiles) is her old food and it appears that she is a natural at sorting out the crap from the new good stuff.  She is also carrying it farther and farther away from her bowl.  Clearly she prefers the new stuff.  We are watching how her body is adjusting to the change and so far she's doing very well.  Who knew?

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Robbie said...

If you don't mind me asking, which dry food did you switch to? I have been reading & READING about the best and worse dog foods and it is so confusing!!! I found one company in Canada that has all natural ingredients...did you know some of the 'big' brand names import their meat from CHINA and other countries! UGH! What happened when we just had Alpo to choose from!
Oh, also what is the name of the box wine you had?? Thanks!