Friday, January 15, 2016

Double Play

My SIL Claudia went with me to lunch and mahjong at my new friend Patti's house. It was a delightful get together where I could see all my new friends in one place. We played mahjong for 4 hours. That is, I did. I left with a whole table still in progress.

One of my partners was a dear girl named Tish. After hugging her Happy New Year, I noticed


 her ear. She wore two different earrings in each ear. I have never seen or heard of this before.  How about you?

Claudia and my brother Bill left today in a torrential rain storm.  It closed all the golf courses for the day.  I just got back from my dentist, now having to go for cleaning every three months.  They probably need to have us anti up more dough for the college fund.  That's exactly how I think of it.  Who do you trust?

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