Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Girly-ing Up The Blackhawks

The last time I was at a Chicago Blackhawks game, I picked up a couple little Hawks jerseys for Violet and Charlotte.  They were both jersey number 88 for Patrick Kane (Kane being my maiden name).


I took them home and pondered as to how to bling them up enough that the girls would actually want to wear them.

This was the outcome.  There is approximately 150 yards of 6 inch red net added under the first black
band of the bottom of the jersey.  I didn't alter the jersey at all so they can be returned to the original condition when they no longer fit and there is some other small one waiting to wear the award winning teams likeness.  I wouldn't mind doing this to my jersey but I refuse to buy  that much net!


Susan Turney said...

So cute! I'd love to see all 3 of you in them!

Robbie said...


Barbara said...

So cute and creative!