Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mastering The Selfie

I have signed up for an hour and a half short game academy for the next four Wednesday mornings.  It's 45º outside.  What am I, nuts?  My keyboard is cold.  I have to think about getting ready in the next hour or so.  Yikes!

Some gal pals went to have fish and chips at a renowned joint called Celtic Ray Irish Pub. It's going through renovation and so the menu was limited but all we wanted (except for Janie who is gluten free and so had beans!) were the fish and chips. We were not disappointed at all. It was like an authentic Irish pub where you go up to the barkeep and order what ever you want to eat. Anyway the food was grand (sorry, no pic; I ate it too fast!) and we got a little selfie practice in.


There were three times as many pictures taken than I have here


but the others were mostly blurry

or they didn't showcase the glass of wine like this one didn't


but I gotta say, it was mighty good fun to try and get all our faces in the frame.  What good fun!


Claudia said...

Did you use the "stick"??????

SpikeMuffin said...

Nancy, Tommy needs one of your selfie sticks!

Robbie said...

Always the life of the party!