Monday, January 11, 2016

Miniature Visitors

My sister in law, Claudia, came for a visit on Saturday.  Yesterday we hit the streets (mostly Sam's Club) looking for big spices and herbs in order to spend the day making fajita, enchilada and taco seasoning mixes to can (or rather, store in ball jars!)  Here is the bounty we collected.

The kitchen table started to look like a mad scientist was on the premises!

Claudia chose taco seasonings for her first mix.


After all the ingredients were measured out the whisk came out and the blending commenced.
I started on enchilada seasonings.


They were jarred and labeled.  We did all we could do with the canning jars we could find (36 jelly jars) and have plenty of mix left when we get ahold of more jars.

Three quarters of the way through the ordeal we get a visit from a neighbor who was leaving to go to an appointment when she came across three little dogs in the street.  She corralled two but one would not let her get him so she came over and I took the two dogs she did manage to catch and sent G out to find the third dog.

Bella looks giant next to the little yorky, maltese mix and a little terrier.  We had them for a couple hours and Belly was in heaven.  She thought they were toys!  We found where they belonged and I guess someone left the lanai door ajar and that is how the little ones escaped.  Before the Golden Globe even started they were back home, safe and sound!

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Robbie said...

Whew...hate hearing stories of dogs getting out but love to hear when they are found and back home!