Thursday, January 28, 2016

Miss Piggy

Years ago, when I would still venture to Naples, before the traffic was so bad that I hated to go south, I bought this delightful pig at one of the galleries on the main drag there.  The only thing damaged in the move here, almost two years ago, was this pig.  Check out Miss Piggy's

left rear leg.  Here is a close-up of the

crack.  I had a guy glue it, way back when,  but now it has loosened so I decided to play doctor and fix Miss Piggy up permanently.

I got myself some plaster of paris (who names this stuff?),


along with some gauze.  Ten minutes later a cast was hard as a rock and a permanent fix for Miss Piggy's ailments.

And anyway, it's a good conversation starter!  Next time someone needs a cast, come my way, as I have all the supplies and now I have the experience!!!!