Friday, January 08, 2016

My New Best Friend Craig

Well, very surprising to me, my checkbook was not affected by the visit of Pampered Chef at our monthly 'Cause A Stir Kitchen Club'. There is good reason for that. There is pretty much nothing out there that I don't have or haven't tried and given up as a worthless gadget and realized that a knife works oh so much better. If I was swayed at all it would have been by the ceramic pans, but I know me and one bad turn and that hundred dollar pan would be in pieces on the floor and then I would have to shoo out Bella so she would be out of harms way. I'm to stiff to get on all fours and hunt for every sliver. See? I am starting to think a little smarter.

Let's talk Craigslist. I was over by G's man cave with my niece and we happened out on the man cave lanai and she asked what this was.  I explained that it is a grill and frig and it was left in the house and we have as yet to find someone to dismantle and cart it away for us.  This is the picture she took.


Katie said to put it on Craigslist.  Of course, G and I just looked at each other and then Katie said that she would do it for us.  She took pictures on her phone and asked a couple questions and that was that. She wanted to know how much we wanted for it and we said we just wanted it gone.

A couple days after she returned to Chicago I texted her as to when she was gonna post it.  She said tomorrow, which was yesterday.  Before I left for lunch she sent me the post and had twenty questions, all of which I didn't want to mess with.  I hate stuff like that.  I left it in her hands and said that she could give my email out for the inquires.

When I came home from my festivities (maybe being gone two hours total) there were 114 emails from Craigslist.  It was pretty much daunting.  I quickly went through some and deleted them due to their ridiculousness of the questions; is it in perfect running order? does it have any rust? is the gas grill propane? how much does it cost (the free grill)? and on and on.  I got the emails down to 84 and texted my niece to close it down, thinking that surely I could find someone to fit the bill.

The ad said the we were giving away a gas grill with lights, a frig, and a cover.  It said that they needed to pick it up after dismantling it and there would be no help whatsoever from the homeowners (that being G and me).

What we didn't say was that it was 8 foot long, 3 foot deep and with the lights, over seven foot tall.  That cut down on lots of applicants, they, having no idea the size of this thing.

Bottom line?  It was gone before dinner.  I was over the moon to get rid of it and the new owners were over the moon to have it.  Everyone made out like a bandit.

I have commissioned my niece to be my go to girl in the future for Craigslist.  Yeah!!


Mechelle said...

Craigslist is awesome for getting rid of stuff - I sold my old DSL camera when I upgraded - even sold a slightly used set of tires when I changed out the crappy factory tires on my vehicle! For giving stuff away, we have found the curb seems to be the best recycling place - just put it out there and a few hours later someone gets it - it is simply amazing the junk that people will take if its free! :)

Robbie said...

Got scared when I saw "my new best friend Craig"...I thought I was replaced!