Saturday, January 09, 2016

Off To The Quilt Show

I was up very early today. I am going to a quilt show via caravan, with all my local gal pals. I have already done laundry, showered and shaved, eaten and then waited for these two pictures from yesterday to download. Probably ten minutes out of my life.

I hosted mahjong at my house yesterday and I hooked on a light, after holiday, lunch.

To me, if it is mostly green in color and didn't get ordered in a bar, it's diet food.  This is a great
salad and it is on Tommy Cooks.

Here are two of the girls setting up the board for another game while I went to refill the gin and tonics, and Patti went to the little girls room.  The game hit the wall several times and so we have another date planned to finish up the game.  We love sporting events!