Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out On The Town

One of the girls sent out a bunch of pictures of our encounter with the line dance and sitting in a bar with wine.


We have the wine thing down pat.  So that leaves the line dancing.

I believe my smirk is saying, 'are you kidding me?  You think I can get
15 four part routines down in a matter of minutes?'  This reminds me of
step aerobics, which I failed miserably at, even to the point of falling on my
face, and I was in my thirties.


Here we are in action.  I look very skeptical but it appears as tho' that cowboy
thing of having your thumbs in your pockets was easy for me to master.  I was
the first one to cave on the floor and whine about lack of wine.  I would easily
try again, just for the fun of it but my brain doesn't work well at memorizing order.
I still have trouble with the multiplication tables!

1 comment:

Gayle from MI said...

Hey! You look cool. Which is of course THE most important part of any public act such as this!