Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Sittin' Pretty

The neighborhood has has some internet issues and I couldn't access the internet yesterday morning.

There are a few workshops, bee's and get togethers that aren't horribly comfortable for me.  My bottom half is short and so the regular chairs (usually the type that go with card tables) are short to the ground for me and I look like I am at the kiddie table when I sit on them.  I noticed upon packing up from a workshop that Karen was carrying a portable seat.  It was a padded extension with a handle.  I thought that I could do that.  And so here it is!

My friend Linda's husband cut me out a piece of scrap lumber that was the pattern I drew for him.


Again, with the help of Linda's electric meat slicer, I cut out a vague resemblance of my pattern from three inch foam.  I then hot glued it on the wood.

I picked out some colorful commercial fabric and stapled


it in place after I made and secured a carrying handle on the fabric in the right placement.


I covered up the back staples with some fusible thick interfacing.  I am now a happy camper!  Make yourself one.  You'll be glad you did!

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Robbie said...

Just shows you why you are still my idol! clever girl!