Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some Odds and Ends

We met up with my brothers and their wives in St. Pete on the beach for drinks and dinner. Drinks were at the Canopy, a rooftop bar that is in the elements. Tables with fires helped ward off the 50ยบ temps. Then we headed down the street to Stillwaters Tavern for dinner.

What really caught my eye was the ceiling lighting.  It was very unique

There were lots of bulbs but it didn't put out too much light.  It was a perfect balance of light to room.

Check out their logo.  A combo of pig and fish, so pork and seafood was the main fare.  It was good but not the best I have ever had.  The company more than food was the reason to be there.  It is always fun to be with my brothers.

Our new kitchen table was delivered yesterday.  I ruined the last one with glue and resist, not thinking that Elmers school glue gel would take the finish off of the granite table.  Hey, live and learn.  It wrecked it.


The new table goes perfectly with my decor and is a good 8 inches bigger in diameter which will help a lot when I am squeezing in six chairs instead of the normal four.

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