Sunday, January 10, 2016

Southwest Florida Quilt Show

The Southwest Florida Quilt Guild show was very nice.  Seeing as I was with some great
gals, it was more the better.  Most of the quilts were not my particular style but some caught my
eye and I would like to share them, and the Best of Show, with you.

I love the colors of this 'Sew Squared' by Claudia Compton that was based on
a block of the month pattern.

If it's whimsy, you had me at hello.  'Cruising Friends' by Melissa Roof
is a pattern that caught Melissa's interest after going on a cruise.

'Log Cabin Spin Illusion' was done by Lyn Bruner and was done with a Georgia Bonesteel pattern.


I feel as tho', way back when, I did something very much like this quilt.  It is called 'Crazy
Squares' and was done by Joyce Grande.

By this detail you can see the massive amount of quilting that was done and the front and center
'square' is done with thread rather than fabric.


This looks way better in person than I have portrayed in this phone photo.  It is titled 'Momma Don't Take My Kodachrome Away' and is done by Dawn Bryde.

From afar you can't really tell that this is a tessellation of faces but once you see it up close it
is very obvious.

 It was done by Lyn Bruner and once again she used a pattern of Georgia Bonesteel.  It's called
'Just Sayin'.

I just love the flow of this.  It looks that the fabric choice is softer that it actually is, which is
a feat in itself.

Here is a close up of the fabric and the quilting.  It's done by Linda Drisko and is called
'Scrappy Swirls'.  It's origin was a class Linda attended.

This quilt has my friend Anne's name all over it.  She received a packet of fabric in a raffle
and finally settled on this quilt to use it on.  I love the grey shadow effect and I know Anne will too.

It is called 'Scrappy Illusion' and it's done by Kim Ann Hyde.

This stunning quilt, 'Scarlet Serenade' was voted Best Of Show.

Check out the detail and the quilting.  It was done by

Linda Wrightman and certainly deserves this wonderful prize.


Robbie said...

Thanks for the trip! And I didn't leave the couch!

Debi R said...

Isn't "Memories of Scarlet Serenade" a Sharon Schamber quilt?

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks for sharing. Haven't been to a quilt show in quite a while. I need to start paying better attention to what's going on in the world. Georgia Bonesteel used to a whole lot more traditional didn't she?