Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Orchid Show

I just realized that I didn't blog yesterday. It completely slipped my mind. My darling god daughter was visiting and I only had a head for her.

I just got back from the Sarasota Orchid Show. It was wonderful to be there when it opened, before all the crowds came. I bought three orchids but haven't taken pictures of them yet. But I did take pictures of some beauties that were at the show.


One was prettier than the next.  It seems like when I go to one of these shows,

I get lots of useful information but unfortunately


I don't remember it much further than the walk through the parking lot to the car.


This was the first show that was really floral smelling.   I never think of orchids as having

a fragrance, but apparently they do.

See the sign, that says Smell Me!!!  Who knew?

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