Monday, January 04, 2016

Time's A Tickin'

Two or three years ago my sister and I got thick artist canvasses (already made) and clock works to make several clocks.  We painted the canvas, cut out the letters and numbers and sent them to work so that the works could be mounted in steel on the back.  We had big plans to work on it at a get together but except for a clock or two, we still never tackled the remaining four.  That has all changed.

The original clock I made looked like this and the four I had left now look the same.  My god daughter Katie and I finished up the clocks.  We first put down the letters and numbers.

Then we painters taped the underside of the hands on the clock so we could paint the gold hands black, to go with the rest of the clock.  When they were all done, I had Katie build up a protection of the hands of the clock

that we were gonna send to her.  She did a mighty fine job of it.  She couldn't carry it with her because she only had carry on luggage, which I am sure was filled to the brim.

It was nice to have a crafty lady on hand to help and have fun with and she got a prize to take home to her new Chicago apartment.  She claims that she still, since moving in in October, has nothing on her walls.  Well, this week that will no longer be the fact.

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Robbie said...

these clocks are so cool!