Saturday, January 30, 2016

Traveling Hat

I have a little ditty in my mind about the traveling cowboy hat that is to the tune of the opening of the Brady Bunch.  A bunch of us when to a place called the White Buffalo Saloon for line dancing.  I dressed in my brand new plaid shirt I picked up at Walmart earlier in the day, my old jeans and my cowboy hat.

I decided it wasn't fair for just me to have one so I shared.  Everyone at our table got to wear

it for about 15 seconds.  Here they are:  Linda, oh yeah and I was first.

Linda's hubby Jerry

Oh my man I love him so G






and holding up the rear is Mary Alice, who REALLY wants to be a professional line dancer.  Is there such a thing?

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Robbie said...

What fun it looks like you had! but then you always have fun!