Monday, February 22, 2016

A Quick Change

We certainly had a world wind time for the last four days with our friends Laurel and Gerry. And I still can't get around the fact that I golfed 36 holes of golf in two days. The event ended with a lovely dinner dance and believe it or not, their was tons of dancing! I was tons of fun and a wonderful reconnection of old friends.

Now I have to get ready for my three quilting conspirators. They will be arriving tomorrow morning and will be here for eight days. I need to stock up on some stuff and reconfigure the studio to accommodate their space and some space for my BFF Linda, who lives here full time. She spent time with all of us last year and hopes to do the same this year. Her father is visiting her tho' and that has to have an effect on what she can do. We'll see. Bella will certainly be happy to see her surrogate mother Anne.

Speaking of quilters, I got two more of the 12 inch quilts we (my internet quilting gals) are exchanging for the second time in three years.   Even my sister has voiced a desire to have a bunch of lovely small quilts.  I did tell her that she needs to be involved in the exchange and so I think she may be thinking on that.


This one is from Irene.  She was in the last exchange too.  I just love the colors, whimsy and quilting.  She really went outside the box for this quilt.

I am a bit stumped about this beauty.  I first thought it was partially pieced but now I believe it was either painted or dyed except for the mauve insert, which was originally created the same way as the main part of the quilt.  I am really loving the color and graphic of it.  I only have one more to receive and that will complete the last exchange.  I don't know how long I can wait to organize another one.  It is lots of fun and you end up with superb art to boot!


Robbie said...

Checks in the mail! I mean...block is in the mail! I mailed this early this a.m.!!

Claudia said...

Wait a minute...I thought I was Bella's surrogate mother!
I know that's only when I visit. Glad Belly has a "special" mom every few months.

Gayle from MI said...

Yay Mike!