Saturday, February 27, 2016

And We're Off!

Does anyone know what this is? It has five doors and is pulled by a pickup truck. We were thinking a port potty but there is no vacancy or in use thing on the door. We were befuddled by it.

 Here are the girls in full sweatshop mode.

And here is the studio waiting for them to wake up.

We are off to the shop hop for a full day of fabric!  I'll share that with you tomorrow!


Maggie (daughter) said...

I think that it could be a full porta potty that is like a full nice indoor bathroom. I've been in ones at events, and they look like that from the outside. Have fun today!

azcupcake said...

it looks like it might be fancy horse van. The key would be the whether there is a drop down/ramp door at the back. the windows / door are access for handlers.