Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another golf day

Golf was great yesterday. It was windy and a bit cold at times but the sun was shining and we were surrounded with lovely friends.
This is Laurel, relaxing while the boys warmed up. They like to do that for a very long time. Two minutes suffices for me.

I believe Gerry was giving some amateur advice to Gordon.

I actually finished all 18 holes, although it wasn't easy.  I am hoping I can get through todays 18 without to much whining.  We have to come back home to fancy up a bit for an evening of dinner and dancing.  Hummm.

The golf course we played on was the one that is right in the back of our yard.  I got a chance to photograph it from that side.

Unfortunately, when I moved in closer for the shot, the turtles were aroused and plopped their bodies
into the water so I couldn't get the six bathing beauties in the shot.

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