Friday, February 05, 2016


I have had nothing but trouble with blogger. I have been in front of the computer since 8 and haven't been able to download any pictures even with rebooting twice. I am making an executive decision that from now on, if it takes more than ten minutes to boot up blogger, I am not gonna bother. I have wasted so much time just waiting. For today, my time is more than up.


Gayle from MI said...

Ugh! That is so frustrating.

Robbie said...

I never have had any problems with Blogger...I know others have at times...I have noticed the WIFI connection here is slower than back might want to try just uploading 2-3 photo's at a time..vs 5 or 6 at one time...just a thought. I'd say it's more a WIFI line issue vs blogger....but what do I know!