Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm Back

My blog has been down for more than two days. It's like Scrabble; sometimes it is over a week before I can access it. It makes me weary. We are being very productive here with all my quilting buddies visiting and the local quilters stopping by for a visit and a meet and greet. I thought I would show you the individual work stations of the girls.


First up is Bella at her position in the studio.  She keeps it pretty clean.

This is Anne's station.  She is using my traveling little Janome.

Here we have Jean Ann's station that is a little messier than Annes or Bella's.  She is working
on a quilt for a wedding.  I will show you all the progress soon.


Peggy has the cleanest station.  Notice that I didn't show you mine.  That is because I work all over the place, so an overall picture of the studio would be appropriate.

We are going for a shop hop tomorrow, visiting Plant City, Tampa and Dunedin quilt shops with a lunch fitted in sometime.  That should be tons of fun.

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