Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's A Wild Life

We were looking out on the back yard and spied a bird that was sitting at the waters edge in a very odd stance.  Linda and I both commented that we had never seen a ibis sit down on grass and have his feet out in front of him as a human would do.

Linda and I watched the bird for quite a while and it didn't move.  The consensus was that he was injured and had a possible broken leg.  We checked periodically and there was no movement from the bird.  Then Linda had to go home and I was home to stress about it myself.  My sis wasn't as sympathic about the birds plight.

I couldn't stand it anymore and went down and outside and approached the bird.  As I got almost too close for my comfort, the ibis

stood up, stretched in a manner and took off in flight.  Linda got the photos and was more than a little relieved.  It was time for wine.

Here is my Bella and her favorite cousin Chai enjoying the day and catching a little sunshine.


This is the next quilt top that Mike made yesterday.  This is a picture of it before it was sewn together.  I never took a picture of it completed and it is already packed away, but you get the picture.

We are going to a luncheon today for my Welcome Club.  The speaker is a pearl guy.  I heard a rumor that we all get free pearl earrings.  We shall see!

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Robbie said...

I would have done/felt the same way about the bird. I hate seeing a animal injured but so glad this turned out ok! Guess he was just taking a break!
Hubby and I had to rescue a little bird from our feeder his leg was caught in the feeder and he lost his foot!!!! We ended up taking him to ER Vet clinic. I never called to find out what happened to him. I'd like to think they gave him a fake foot and he lived forever in someones bird cage! Just call me Polyanna!