Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Post Production

I had GERD for about a month starting around the holidays. It's acid reflux and some of my brothers have been cursed with it for a very long time. I started on Zantac and it helped for awhile but you could only take it once a day and it barely helped for a fourth of that time. Then I tried Pepcid. I wasn't getting any relief and so went on line and realized that the active ingredient in these OTC medications were all different. I most common to me was Prilosec, but based on the redneck commercials on tv, I gave it a pass. After reading I thought I would give it a try. You take it for 14 days in a row. Immediately after the first day and a half, I knew I hit pay dirt. I just took my thirteenth pill and thank myself for doing the research, way faster than getting into a gastro doc. I just wish they would change the commercials!! It literally changed the quality of my life!

The making of one appetizer to freeze has gone eerily on schedule. Done so far are
1. Lasagna cupcakes
2. Garlic cheese puffs
3. Egg rolls
4. Rueben balls
5. Mexican meatballs


The meatballs are called albondigas.  They are beef and pork and have a kick.  After they are finished in the oven (which at this point I froze) you place them on a nacho chip and sprinkle with mexican blend cheese and stick in the oven for a couple minutes to heat and melt the cheese.

The meatball stays stuck on the chip.  I think tho' when I serve them that I am gonna put them in a Scoops chip.

6.  Shrimp pancakes

I only made these once before, and in fact it was for my darling daughter's engagement party.  They are yum and I have to remember to make them again. It's like a light pancake batter with tons of shrimp and scallions.

7.  Cubano tater lollipops


These consist of a center tater tot surrounded with ham spread with yellow mustard and finely chopped dill pickles and topped with swiss cheese and broiled (or in my case frozen after a tiny broil to keep them held together).

8.  Crabbies

Can't find the picture of this and am too lazy to go downstairs and get it out of the freezer.

I did do something that I should have thought about a long time ago.  When something calls for chipolte peppers in adobo sauce, the can goes to waste because I don't use it enough to keep around in the refrigerator until it goes bad.  This time I did what I do with tomato paste leftovers.  I froze it in dollar store ice cube trays (sprayed with cooking spray) and froze, then wrapped individually in waxed paper like a piece of taffy and bagged for the freezer.  I originally got the idea from my friend, the quilting slut.  Thanks Peggy!


Robbie said...

Your food posts are always the best!!! As are your recipes! I've made a few of them! Yum!

Linda Pokey said...

You are a "machine"....churning out all sorts of things. I am always impressed!!!!