Monday, February 08, 2016


I thought I would share some of the stuff that I bought at the boutique on Saturday.

These first two things were made by Lynn Purple, a dear friend of ours. She was very busy making things and then came down with a cold and couldn't make it to the quilt show at all.

I don't quite know what this shape is supposed to be, along with the tabs that recently became popular on all things baby.

 But the actual purpose for it is


to hold an iPad, iPod or a smart phone and it is also a pin cushion.

This next thing I purchased was a one of a kind orange, and I think it is also a pin cushion


 and just a damn cute accessory for anyone's studio.


 She only made one and by all the detail she put on it, I can't imagine making too many more than one.
It helps to have all the boutique items at your disposal!.


There were lots and lots of these rope made bowls and I got this one for my guest room; a good place
to drop your keys or whatever.  My sis is coming this week and I had her in mind when I made the purchase.  See, always thinking of every one else, without a thought for myself.  What a gal.

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Maggie (daughter) said...

The orange is fantastic! Love it.

Your daughter.