Friday, February 19, 2016

Returning Neighbors

These are our old next door neighbors up north. Laurel and Gerry moved permanently to Arizona last summer. It was very hard to see them go.  But alas!  They came for a visit yesterday.  We are doing some kind of couples/guest tournament at the golf course.  I didn't realize that it was two days of 18 holes when I took the plunge so am already very stressed about it.  I don't plan on playing a legal
18 holes, but rather pick up my ball when I have completely embarrassed myself and or when I just get tired of the game.  It'll be fun.

My sister Mike left this morning to return home to cold and work.  Those two words together don't really get me all warm and fuzzy.  I will see her next when we fly home in March for my nieces wedding.  I hope it warms up a bit before then.  I don't have a winter coat with me!

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Maggie (daughter) said...

Aunt Mike will be fine; it is in the high 50s and sunny here today!