Monday, February 29, 2016

Shop Hop!

I am not the very best blogger when I have company. I am so involved in everything around me, it kinda takes a back seat to whatever is happening. I have one more week of company and then it will be a bit quiet around here.

We are all creating lots of stuff and I will show it to you bit by bit.  I shall now pick out the things that are bloggable that I have from our shop hop.  We first went to Inspire, in Plant City.  I saw this adorable


iron holder that opens up to be a ironing surface, complete with that silver stuff that is on most ironing boards.

I bought the pattern (already have the little iron) and we are all gonna make it the end of next week when we have Friendship Knot Quilters Guild four day retreat.

Next we went to Happy Apple, a quilt shop in Tampa.  It was a lovely new facility that also has some sort of quilting academy next door to it (it looked like long arm learning when I popped my head in).


Anne and I fell for this tote (yes, yet another one), so besides buying lots of yardage, we bought this pattern to make.  It is going to get in line because we have a finish up a tool tote we started yesterday.
I also got some wool batting to try.  I have been meaning to give it a try, so now I can!

On our way to the last shop (with lunch at Kelly's Chic A Boom Room) in Dunedin, we were stopped in traffic and managed to take a shot of this in the rear window of a family van.  I figured out it was representing a dad, mom, three girls and three boys, a dog and a cat.  You gotta love a member of the National Rifle Association!!!!

At our last shop, our beloved Rainbow's End in Dunedin, we went crazy shopping, knowing we only had two hours left before the store closed at five.  I got lots of small cuts of fabric, and I bought this pattern

for either a pillow, a rug or just yardage for something else.  We are gonna use it for a tutorial
in the next few weeks.

There were eleven of us in the three cars that did the hop together.  What a full and fun day.  We were all exhausted when we got home!

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Robbie said...

I love wool batt...I do put in the washer in cool water (fill tub first) then push the batt down in the water...I don't agitate the machine...just let it soak for 30 min. or so. Then on delicate setting, spin dry. Take out and just lay on a clean sheet on the floor. Keep dogs away..they like to lay on it! It doesn't take long to dry and I'm sure in Florid it REALLY doesn't take long to dry. You can fluff it up...then I may take an iron (stillworking on the floor) and just up and down motion to iron (on wool setting, of course, DUH!).
It's wonderful for vests, clothing but I also use it in my art quilts.
Well, that's all the comment I have...other than it looks like a great day was had by you all!