Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Stocking Up

This is the holding room for all the stuff we have made or supplied for the boutique that will be available at the 'Airing Of The Quilts' this Saturday at Venice beach next to Sharkeys.  It says there may be rain and that would be a crime but I will, as always, think positive thoughts.  It can't hurt.

Because I am going to be heaped with visitors soon I decided to spend seven days making an appetizer a day to freeze.

Monday it was Garlic Cheese Puffs (my daughters favorite and she will be visiting).  It is a combo of soft butter, old english cheese spread and garlic powder that is beaten for a good ten minutes.  Three pieces of sandwich bread (the cheap square stuff) have the crusts cut off and they are stacked, with the spread in between the layers.  They are then cut into nines and frosted, leaving one side unfrosted (bottom) and frozen

on a tray until solid and then bagged.  Yesterday it was


lasagna cupcakes.  They are frozen and bagged already.  I have a group golf lesson today and then I will come home and make egg rolls.  It's a good way to fill up the freezer and not spend a whole day on

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Gayle from MI said...

Hope it doesn't rain on your show! After all that hard work it shoukd be bright and sunny!