Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Airing

Okay, finally there are pictures up from the 'Airing Of The Quilts'.  It was a cool but lovely day until the last hour of the show when we had to take down the quilts due to drizzle.  The show was very well attended and we were all thrilled.  

These were some of the crayon color challenge that we did and will also be in a show next weekend that I plan on attending.  The fourth from the left is my contribution.

There are random photos of hanging quilts.  I worked so much in the boutique that I really didn't have time to acknowledge all the artists this time.  Forgive me.


This is the opportunity quilt from, I believe, the Manatee quilt guild, and next week they are probably gonna raffle it off.  It was at our Modern meeting last month and I got a good look at it.


This is a quilt top and not quilted or lined yet.  I love how the light enters from the back and brightens it up .


Here are some more modern quilts.


I have to go start dinner so this will be sans most narrative.  Suffice it to say there are brilliant quilters


and as many lovely quilt followers.


You could view them from afar.


Christine's quilt was on the current cover of Modern Patchwork Magazine.  


This is also Christine's.


This was my boutique domain.  Linda and I  had lots of wonderful helpers.


The stuff went like hotcakes!  I love a quilter with a few bucks in her wallet!


The scrap swimming pool was a major success.  The shoppers could take a quart zip lock and fill it to brimming with our scraps and take it home for a dollar!  They truly loved it.

This is Donna's beautiful quilt.  It is as amazing afar as it was up close.

It was definitely a great mix of commercial fabrics!

I gotta wrap this up.  Great quilts.

Followed by more great quilts!

And the cow quilt was my personal favorite.  It was a whole cloth quilt.  And I guess I was busy; I didn't even take pictures of my seven hanging quilts!!!! I guess it's not all about me after all.  So sad…..

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Gayle from MI said...

Lots of talent in that group! So glad you found such a great group.