Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Musings

I have been keeping myself busy for a week or so with stuff that I don't have to think a lot
about what I am doing.  I have cut out tons of components for the DFG's kits.  I just now
happen to be doing the side pockets for the shields.  This photo is how they ended up circling

after the first hundred made a scattering.  It started to make itself into a circle or sorts and this pile,
which was only halfway through the mass I was doing, is 13 inches high.  I hated to mess it up but
these pockets needed to be cut apart (they were strip sewn) and they need to be grouped into two's for easy grabbing for construction.  My sister will be here tomorrow and I want lots of stuff out of the way for whatever she wants to work on.  I am planning on trying to master my new Bernina in the next month too.  Lots on my plate.

Speaking of my sister Mike, I was out of the prescription treats that I have been giving Bella since she lost two more teeth a couple years ago, and Mike was my provider for them.  She sent me more, via a

website called  Now that I know this, I can get them myself.  You do need a prescription from your veterinarian

but that can't be hard to do.  Like Mother like daughter, we are both plagued with rotten teeth.  Too bad someone wasn't looking out for me like I am for Bella.  I hope my old dentist reads my blog.  Do ya think?  Naw.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

What Bernia did you get. I have been thinking of buying one.

Robbie said...

I use Mercola soft dental chews for my girls. They are made US, no bad stuff...I'll hae to look up your chews!