Monday, February 01, 2016

Tuning In

Last week I sent off the 12 inch block exchange that we decided to do last August with my online quilting buddies as we spent a delightful weekend together.  The deadline was to be February 14th but I will be in the throes of company and a Valentines Day party and so wanted to get them off my mind so I did them a couple weeks early.

A couple of the gals didn't realize that we had picked a due date and so they are given a reprieve to get theirs finished.  They were probably still sleeping when we named the due date.  Ha!  Just kidding.  I blame all such oversights on the fact that they are old.  Ha!


Here is the whole group of them.  One is for me and one is for the yearly 12" auction that SAQA has online for a fund raiser.  That is what gave me the idea for these exchanges in the first place.

I have named this little quilt 'Tuning Fork'.  There is a little piece of hand stamped fabric that one of the gal's in the exchange gave me while visiting at my house last summer.  Thanks Gayle!


Gayle from MI said...

I see it! Mine got mailed this morning!

Irene said...

Thank you. Got it yesterday. Love it!. Still working on ideas for mine. So far I have 3 discards which will make great potholders. 12" is not that easy to work with.