Sunday, March 06, 2016

Another Challenge

Wow! I can't tell you how much I like my 12 inch quilts. The last exchange has been completed and I have four more to add to my brilliant wall of art.


I am trying to decide whether or not to add to my current location of small quilts .  I have all these lovely additions but to make my wall symmetrical, I would need thirteen more and I think

I only have ten.  I guess another 12" exchange is in order.

I think that I will open it again to those art quilters who would be interested it trading four to six people a 12" quilt.  So I think I just did that.

This is the last one I received from my last exchange.  It is very unique.  I love them all.

So, open to all, I am putting out there that as many people that want to exchange 12 inch (and it pretty much has to be 12 inch on the dot for hanging purposes) that notify me in the next two weeks will have the honor of making quilt -lets that will need to be done and sent out by Labor Day.  No one will have more than four quilts to make and depending on the size of the group, maybe less.  I need to know that you are sincere in wanting to do them, will complete the task in roughly five months and enjoy doing it.
The quilt- lets can all be different, all the same (which is what I do) and any medium you choose.  And for you do be a participant of this challenge in the two week entry, time starts now!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I am game for another. I want to paint some fabric and this would be the perfect place to use it.
Glad my life is calming down finally.

Liesje Chadwick said...

Hi Tommy, I'm game, actually I would love to participate, but I am in Australia.

Gayle from MI said...

I'm in!

Carol said...

Yes! I would love to join the challenge. Please sign me up!

Marybeth said...

I said no more challenges for this year, but I love this idea! I will commit here and now.... We have the choice of doing 12 x 12 for a monthly challenge in our TAGY art quilt group with specific themes determined at the being of the year. I too am looking forward to some experiments

Robbie said...

A BFF would say 'yes' so I guess I'll say yes!