Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another Studio Niche

I know, you look at this work space,


in the worst of conditions, with no room to work and no natural light, without even saying there's nothing to look at while painting the day away.  Okay, so I lied.  I got this $40 table at Walmart and set it up on the upstair lanai off the main studio.  I can keep the doors open to it and come and go as I please.  I just can't paint for long stretches; I get color mixing lazy and after a while everything looks the same so that is when I have to walk away.


I have left this gel painting out on the lanai for a good week, while recovering from the dental work and have now just got back to it.

But first I set up a little JoAnns rolling cart for my basic supplies.

Now they are a roll away and the running after things won't happen as much, although it is a bit of a workout, right?


Of course all the drawers are full of 'necessary' stuff I need.


Before I got back to the first work, I started and finished another.

And then, guess what?  I did it again!  Stop that Tommy!


Robbie said...

Fun!!! Glad you are recovering or recovered from the dental time out!

maggie z. said...

oops you did it again..???? haha! nothing ever keeps you down..and the little breaks i'm sure give you more time to think of another brilliant idea! go go girl!