Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Copy Cat

Our friend that lives across the street, Sam, is in the photography club.  He is really taking it very seriously and has already won awards and is learning photoshop.  This

daisy is one of his amazing photos.  I was at his wife Kathy's for stitch and bitch and we got to see the photo.  We (four of us) decided that it needed to be a quilt so right then and there we set up a challenge.  We were to take the photo and make a quilt, either realistic or abstract, whatever.

I made the transparency and with the overhead projector  made a pattern.  I put it on the window to make

individual mirror image pattern pieces.  I flipped the pattern on the window over and started to make my pattern pieces out of fabric.

This is some of the progression of my painting the fabric pieces and sewing them on.

I am not a very good fabric painter when it comes to realistic copying.

I have been plodding along and will some time in the future tackle it again.  It is not due to be done
until October (Halloween!)