Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Definitely In Labor

Check out this amazing work done so far at the Fitzsimmons Labor Camp.


Peggy did this holiday quilt top from start to finish.  I love the ribbony look of the design.

It says holiday without screaming it.

Peggy also sewed up this baby beauty.  The picture doesn't give it the credit it deserves.  I had a bit of trouble with the shadows.

Okay, now it is apparent that Peggy is an over achiever.  She is putting all of us to shame.  This particular quilt top was done in rows instead of blocks and therefore took a lot longer to accomplish.  But Peggy still got it done.

Anne is up next.  She did this floral (using prints by Stephanie Brandenburg)

and it turned out great.  I love the large flowers.

Anne also finished this woven looking block quilt top.  It was fun to watch her do it.  She is onto another one that I will show you tomorrow.

Jean Ann only brought the fix-ins to do one 30 block quilt.  She is well on her way to finishing the last few blocks.  I will show you that tomorrow as well.

Contrary to most quilting get togethers, I really got a lot of stuff done this past week.  I will show you some of it tomorrow.

The girls go home tonight so it's a race to complete as much as possible before I take them to the airport.  Then I have tomorrow to my lonesome and the next day, Thursday, my daughter Maggie and her hubby Evan are coming for a visit.  Yeah!


Robbie said...

Makes me feel like a slug! Your ladies get so much completed!

Gayle from MI said...

Love all the patterns. They are really great!

Robin Walston said...

What is the pattern for the bag with all the pockets. That looks like something I need to make. I have the microwave bowl thingie and I love to use it in the microwave to hold a bowl that will be too hot to touch after its contents cook.
You guys get so much done even taking time out for shopping, eating and tasty adult beverages (I'm guessing on the last one).