Sunday, March 13, 2016

Enjoying The Process!

I  just got back from the last day of the retreat.  It was lots of fun. I was awed at how much everyone got done, including me!!!  It ended at five (the new five as of today!) but Linda and I and lots of others left earlier by two or more hours.  No one wanted to be the only one left!!

Here are some of the work that went on.


This is the almost finished top done by Lynn that was started in a Karen Combs class at FKQG  All is pieced but the falling down black people.

Lynn, Linda and I made these pods that can hang off a hook and used for storage.  I plan on making more in the future.  Mine is the last in the row.

Charlotte did this quilt with some Marcia Derse fabric.

Joy completed most of a good sized Halloween quilt.

Chris finished up all the block parts in this top and then spend much time sewing all the pieces together.

I love this quilt.  It looks as if it has dimension.


Karla had made a quilt and decided she wanted to cut it in half and make a couple lap quilts for charity. She managed to get both of them completely quilted.  What a great idea!

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Robbie said...

Crazy about that lap quilt in last pic! Cool!