Thursday, March 03, 2016

Photo Spot

The name of the tool tote I showed yesterday that three of us gals made was called Tool Tote, #ps054 by Quilts Illustrated. The instructions include bag stays to keep it's shape.

My daughter and her hubbie are arriving today for a visit.

This past Saturday, while G was up in Chicago for a week, he met up with my daughter Maggie, Evan, her husband, my son Peter, and the two grand girls. I asked G to take pictures at the Hawks game they were all attending so I could see the girls in their Blackhawk tutus. On second thought I asked him to have Maggie take some pics just in case. This is why I wanted a just in case; G's skills with


 a smart phone.  I can't recall one picture that he has taken that was clear.


The just in case photos actually show the little faces of the girls.  They know how to high style it to the hockey game.  I guess a girl has to combine high fashion with snow gear when she lives in Chicago in the winter!


Susan Turney said...

So cute. They obviously inherited grandma's panache!

Robbie said...


Gayle from MI said...


Synthia said...

Such darling fans!!! They certainly must steal the show. :-)