Thursday, March 31, 2016

Toe T - What We Called Toast When We Were Little At My House

G got an email from a college roommate last night telling him about some sports guy was on a sports show and was showing off his picture in his wallet. Whenever he goes for breakfast, he tries to describe how he wants his toast prepared. They never get it right, he says. So finally he took a picture of his favorite piece of toast and he carries it around in his wallet like a revered child's photo.


Why this is of interest in this household is that G and I are very distinctive toast lovers. The performance of the kitchen with toast prep will make or break the restaurant for now and future visits. G likes it 'burnt' and I like mine regular, not under toasted, but not buttered until it's cold. I like to see the butter, and don't want it melted. I have no problem buttering it myself but not hot in the kitchen

Even after forty some years the college roommates don't forget everything. How do you like your toast?


Maggie (daughter) said...

I love that! We need a toast photo shoot. I like it golden brown (more brown than gold) with butter on it so it half melts into the bread. The biggest thing, though, is that the butter needs to be warm enough to spread.

Robbie said...

I don't care for a lot of butter on my toast, which is a nice 'toasted' color...BUT if I have parmesan pepper bread in the house, then it's hot with butter melting!! YUM! I can eat the entire's made by Zingerman's in Ann Arbor and the best bread ever!