Friday, March 04, 2016

Uptight, Ya Think?

Most of our mail goes directly to our business. Our son, Peter is running the business. Yesterday I got an email from him with the subject of the email 'The Greatest Letter Ever Written'. Here is a vanilla recap of the letter.

During a recent property inspection, it was noted that you have placed 4 pots on the driveway in front of the porch which is not in compliance with the associations regulations on decorative items. The limit is 3 decorative items, per your homeowner manual, page 21.

In part, the regulation states, ‘decorative items….may be placed in the planting beds adjacent to the front and or back of the house. Such items may not be more than 10 feet from the house and are limited to no more than three items in front of the house or three items in the back of the house.

At this time the association requests that you respond to this notification in writing by March 14 to confirm compliance.


This is how it looked when it was inspected and rejected, with these two items on either side of the entrance.

To comply, I moved the smaller pots of mother in law tongue right onto the porch, on either side of the doors.  My son suggested that I get three massive pots with some garish theme, such as the Minions or something possibly Smurf related.

What a hoot.


Mechelle said...

yep, exactly why I don't do homeowners associations! I like flamingos, flower pots and all kinds of fun stuff! Course I also have a neighbor who put colored packing peanuts on all the points of her poky spiked plants (ie Agave) she also has more colored solar lights than most regional airports - but hey it makes something fun to look at/talk about when we walk by!

Robbie said...

Funny...but guess there are good points...or someone could put "Minions or something possibly Smurf related" in there front area! HA I like the way your son thinks!

Gayle from MI said...

I am with your son.