Friday, April 15, 2016

A Few More Things

Kathy, my friend that hosts Stitch and Bitch, is visiting a new grandson in Indiana so I took over the reins and had S&B here. It was a nice time had by al.That broke up a while ago and now I am fed and back in the studio.

These are the two ingredients for making home made Best Press.  The formula is one ounce of potato vodka (hence the starch) to 8 oz distilled water.  It works wonderful and cost pennies!


I have to show of my Amaryllis in bloom again.  I am shocked that it has done so well.
The bloom doesn't last for long but it does re grow so that's a good thing.


This is the first baby quilt I have made with my gifted birds.  I have enough to make one or two more.  I am gonna put one bird on the backing of each one I make.


I was complaining to Linda that I can't get close enough to the take-up lever knee lifter.  She put her thinking cap on and told me that some people put on a piece of a noodle to make it fatter.  I did and it does!  Try it!  You'll love it!


Corky said...

Thanks for the noodle suggestion. It just might be the fix for me!

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks for the noodle suggestion and the best press knock off. A small group I am in was making a raffle quilt and one of the gals washed and pressed all the fabric. She used Best press. By the time I had the stupid thing all sewn together I had the migrain from hell! And I was tasting that smelly crap for days! It works great but like you, I thought it was way over priced and it stinks! I kmow there is an unscented but that is a matter of opinion!

pam in sw florida said...

Bernina does mae different knee lifters should one wish to order a differnet sized one