Saturday, April 23, 2016

Boxing It Up

You are probably getting tired of my sandhill crane obsession but here is another picture of the new
family. I received this photo


from the girl across the street with the caption 'Company approaching your house!'. My reputation for loving these birds is epic.


I received a large order of sewing stuff yesterday.  I split up half for here and half for home up north.  I had to buy a little more than normal to get the free shipping.  My sister would be proud of me!  This on like store is a good deal, especially for serger thread.  It's $1.98 a 3000 yard cone and at JoAnn's it is $3.49.  I didn't compare anything else, price wise, but I gotta think it's all a good price.

Here is the box your much needed order will come in.  Just go to  .

About 45 minutes into our morning walk, Bella wanted in her stroller.  I put her in and gave her water and wheeled her around a corner and there were two guys going by, jogging, and one of the guys said
'you'd better not let my dog see that!'  Cute.

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Robbie said...

The guys were cute? Or what they said?? Just sayin!